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Exec Capital is the UK’s leading executive recruitment agency based in London, operating throughout the UK and abroad. We connect start-ups and businesses with senior C-suite and executive professionals. It’s our goal to streamline the hiring process with a 360-degree, hands-on approach to recruitment.

We offer specialist recruitment for C-suite and senior executives across industries, including technology, fintech, e-commerce, financial services, technology, and facility management. Our team consists of industry-leading recruiters with entrepreneurial and executive backgrounds, offering a unique insight into the recruitment process from both the company and client perspective.

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Exec Capital was founded by industry experts with decades of experience in overseeing executive recruitment. Our team is at the forefront of the changing recruitment industry, tailoring our services to meet the needs of diverse clients and candidates seeking remote and flexible working. We provide advice and guidance on all aspects of executive recruitment, from salary expectations to remote working.

Our recruitment agency offers executive search and headhunting services, designed to meet the needs of companies at every stage of their development cycle. We recruit for a full portfolio of roles across multiple industries, including CEO, CMO, and CFO.

Exec Capital exists to build leadership teams and partnerships that transform businesses and accelerate growth in traditional and emerging markets.

The Exec Capital team is based in London with a global reach, working with clients throughout the UK and abroad to recruit for in-house, hybrid, and remote working opportunities.

We ensure confidentiality at every stage of the recruitment process with flexibility and industry-specific knowledge.

About us

EXEC CAPITAL is a boutique recruitment agency that specialises in connecting start-ups and businesses with senior management professionals. We take a tailored approach to our recruiting with a 1-on-1 experience where we help clients identify their management needs before starting the recruitment process.

We’ll help identify and hire the perfect candidate to scale your business to the next level. Whatever your recruitment needs are, Exec Capital is here to help. The world of work is evolving faster than ever before. Your senior management professionals play a crucial role in future-proofing your business and navigating the changes to come.

What makes EXEC CAPITAL different is that we’re a team of management professionals with experience working with businesses across virtually every industry. We’re the industry’s leading recruitment specialists for management professionals across London and the Southeast.

Our goal

Our goal is to create a streamlined recruitment process that helps you find the right candidate the first time around. Unlike other recruitment agencies, we don’t just send you a list of candidates. We take an active role in every step of the process, drawing up a shortlist of the most suitable candidates in our portfolio.

EXEC Capital works with companies across the UK and beyond to hire remote and in-house senior management professionals. Whatever your needs, we’ll offer you a tailored recruitment process that is streamlined from start to finish.



EXEC CAPITAL is a recruitment agency that takes a hands-on approach to every step of the recruitment process. We specialise in recruiting senior management positions, including HR Directors and Managing Directors. You’ll get access to our portfolio of talented management professionals who have experience across multiple industries.

Our recruitment process starts by identifying the needs of your businesses to enable us to draw up a short list of the candidates most suitable for your company. We want to help you find the right candidate who will fit in with your company culture and help the business realize its potential.

After identifying your needs, we’ll start searching for the most suitable candidate. Every business is different, which is why we take a 1-on-1 approach to every recruitment process. We have a proven track record of connecting businesses with part-time, full-time, and interim senior management professionals.

We work with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to small businesses looking to scale to the next level. Many of our senior management professionals are experts in their fields, ranging from marketing to technology and financial services. We strive to help you find the candidate who will hit the ground running and become an instant part of your leadership team.


We offer the full range of Directors

Managing Directors
Sales Directors
Technical Directors
Operation Directors
HR Directors

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Executive Recruitment / Executive Search

Start your search for the perfect candidate for the role by getting in touch with our team today. Fill in the information below about the role you’re looking for and one of our team will be in touch.

Our team of senior management professionals are experts in their field, including Managing Directors, Sales Directors, and Operation Directors. Many of them have experience helping companies transition to e-commerce and have worked with major companies and PLCs. Our portfolio of senior management professionals are available to work on a part-time, full-time, and interim basis.

Start your journey with EXEC Capital today to help your business reach its potential. Whether you’re implementing a fundraising strategy or want to scale your revenue, we’ll help you build a team of talented leadership professionals. Our portfolio of candidates comes with invaluable skills and contacts that can positively affect every aspect of your business.

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Building your business for the future means choosing the right leadership team that has the skills and experience to scale your company. A senior management professional is an invaluable asset to the company CEO, acting as an advisor on everything from day-to-day operations and long-term strategies.

We’ll help you find the perfect candidate to take your business to the next level. Whatever your recruitment needs are, we’re here to streamline the hiring process by giving you access to some of the best management professionals in the UK.

Hire an MD or CEO today.

CEO Recruitment

Navigating CEO recruitment poses a challenge for even the most established companies. It calls for the involvement of more stakeholders than other executive recruitment, including other C-suite leaders and board members. CEO candidates come from a more diverse range of backgrounds than ever before, offering fresh perspectives for companies at every stage of their development. Determining the qualities your company needs and clearly defining the role can streamline the CEO recruitment process.

CEOs are becoming more accessible for SMEs and emerging businesses through fractional and part-time positions. These more flexible roles are ideal for mid-market companies who don’t have the workload or financial capacity to recruit a full-time CEO.

Outsourcing your CEO recruitment streamlines the process as a more time and cost-effective solution. At Exec Capital, we take a hands-on approach to recruitment, identifying the individual needs of your business to recruit a CEO with the talent and experience to deliver on your long-term strategy.

CMO Recruitment

CMOs are at the forefront of transitioning companies to the digital space. They’re the corporate executive responsible for overseeing the company’s marketing strategy and implementation. CMOs interact with every aspect of the business, making it crucial to find a candidate who will fit into the company culture. The CMO will oversee product marketing, brand management, customer engagement, market research, and communications throughout the company.

Companies can choose to recruit a fractional CMO on either a retainer or project-by-project basis, giving the role scalability and flexibility without a long-term commitment. Part-time and fractional CFOs are a way of investing in your company before a product launch. They’ll develop a marketing strategy that aligns with the product’s purpose and the company’s target audience.

Our talent pool of CMO candidates are available to work on a part-time, full-time, interim, and remote basis.

Executive Search

Our executive search service is industry-leading with curated recruitment connecting companies throughout the UK with candidates for executive and C-suite level roles. We start the recruitment process by identifying specifically what your company needs, including your skills gap, company culture, and how to attract the right talent.

You’ll get access to top candidates by outsourcing your recruitment to our executive search team. Outsourcing recruitment allows your company to focus on its operations while being involved throughout the process. Our executive search brings more diversity to your potential candidate pool to improve representation across your organisation’s leadership and C-suite roles.

We strive to create a 1-on-1 experience throughout the recruitment process with a team that prioritises objectivity. Our team will offer feedback on the job description and candidate profiles to help you determine a competitive package with industry-specific recruitment knowledge.

Exec Capital works with organisations to deliver candidate shortlists on a variety of time scales. Our talent pool of candidates enables us to provide a shortlist within a few days for quick appointments to fill sickness leave or an unexpected exit. We have the tools at hand to oversee the entire executive search process to deliver a shortlist of high-quality candidates who meet your company’s needs.


At Exec Capital, we offer a full 360-degree approach to recruitment with both executive search and headhunting services. Both recruiting methods are available for companies at different stages of their development and growth cycle.

Our headhunting process is tailored to suit your company’s recruitment time frame and management needs. You’ll get access to both passive candidates and high-quality candidates who aren’t exposed to traditional recruitment methods. Our executive headhunter services guarantee your company will fill your position with a suitable candidate.

Headhunting is a more cost and time-effective alternative to internal recruitment, offering one of the fastest turnarounds for SMEs and companies of all sizes. Choosing our executive headhunting service allows your company to set out exactly the skills and experience you want in your C-suite or executive candidate.

Part-Time, Interim, and Fractional Executives

At Exec Capital, we specialise in part-time, interim, and fractional recruitment for executive and C-suite roles. Recruiting a part-time executive can fill your company’s skills gaps, either on a project-by-project basis or as a long-term hire. This flexibility is ideal for companies still in the development stage who are building their executive team.

Working with a specialist recruitment agency like Exec Capital will help you identify the skills gap in your organisation and maximise the potential of your executive and C-suite appointments. Recruiting on a part-time basis is more cost-effective as it removes additional costs, such as equipment and training. Part-time executives often work with multiple companies at once and can deliver on a tight schedule.

Recruiting a C-suite leader or executive on a part-time basis is a win-win for SMEs and start-ups. It’s a more financially viable option and provides the opportunity for scalability of the role as the company develops.

Companies can choose to recruit a fractional CMO on either a retainer or project-by-project basis, giving executive and C-suite roles scalability and flexibility without a long-term commitment.

The Exec Capital Team

Exec Capital has its finger on the rapidly changing pulse of the executive industry. We strive to offer recruitment solutions for companies at every stage of their development, from SMEs needing HR Directors to start-ups recruiting for a part-time Chief Marketing Officer.

The Exec Capital team includes entrepreneurs, business leaders, and senior executives who understand both sides of the recruitment process. We take a curated approach, looking from the point of view of both candidates and companies looking to fill leadership positions.

Who We Recruit For

Exec Capital specialises in recruiting C-suite and executive roles for SMEs and start-ups throughout the UK and beyond. Our team have experience recruiting across every industry sector with headhunting and executive search services to suit companies of all sizes.

Join The Exec Capital Talent Pool

Our talent pool of C-suite executives are industry leaders with financial, marketing, and business insights and are available to work on a part-time, full-time, interim, and remote basis. You can join the Exec Capital talent pool today by submitting your CV to our team through our contact form.


We’ve worked with hundreds of companies across dozens of industries, from fintech to construction and SaaS. Hear directly from some of our clients below to see about their experience recruiting through EXEC Capital.