Outsourced CEO

Outsourced CEO Recruitment

Recruiting a CEO is the most important hiring decision you’ll make in your company. While your board members and founder might be experts in their field, it’s unlikely any of them will have experience recruiting for a senior C-suite role. It’s why companies of all sizes choose to have outsourced CEOs.


Outsourcing is one of the most efficient recruitment options. It’s ideal for companies on a time crunch or those looking to save money. Outsourcing your CEO recruitment keeps your board and founder actively involved in the hiring process without giving them labour-intensive tasks.


At Exec Capital, we work with companies throughout the UK to recruit outsourced CEOs. Our leadership team is made up of entrepreneurs and senior executives who understand both sides of the recruitment process. We’re the leading choice for outsourcing CEOs in the UK, offering both traditional recruitment and headhunting services.


Why Companies Outsource CEOs

Companies outsource CEOs because it delivers the best return on their investment with better candidate outcomes. Outsourced CEOs are 25% more likely to stay with the company long-term, offering succession planning and stability.


Outsourcing streamlines the recruitment process for hiring a CEO, which is why it’s chosen by companies of every size. It’s a common misconception that outsourcing only happens for larger companies with competitive CEO positions. Start-ups and SMEs usually don’t have the talent internally for a senior C-suite position, instead choosing to outsource their CEO recruitment.


Working with a C-suite recruitment agency is a more cost and time-effective option for conducting recruitment internally. Outsourcing allows your existing team to focus on their day-to-day roles and responsibilities, while still being looped into the hiring process and kept up to date.


Our recruiters oversee each step of the recruitment process, including the most labour-intensive steps to make the process more time and cost-effective. The Exec Capital team have over twenty years of experience in executive recruitment, bringing industry-leading insights to the outsourcing process, and guiding you through every step of the outsourcing process. We’ll work to ensure you find the best candidate who can hit the ground running as your new CEO.


Choosing to outsource your CEO is a form of risk management. Our team have successfully placed hundreds of executives with companies across every industry, delivering positive recruitment outcomes for organisations just like yours. We’ll identify a candidate who fits your company culture, fills your skills gap, and


It’ll reduce the risk of choosing an unsuitable candidate and lead to a better recruitment outcome with a candidate that suits your company culture. Our goal is to find the most suitable candidate who will fill your company’s skills gap and unlock its long-term potential. Outsourcing increases your chance of achieving higher employee retention and satisfaction with a successful appointment.


Outsource a Part-Time or Interim CEO

You can choose to outsource a CEO on a part-time or interim basis. Outsourcing is ideal for companies that need a short turnaround time for recruitment. SMEs and scaling businesses may choose to recruit an interim CEO as a placeholder until a long-term appointment can be made or to cover the absence of a departing CEO.


At Exec Capital, we’re experiencing a sharp increase in the demand for part-time and interim CEOs as the leadership position becomes more flexible. Companies in their early development stages can choose a part-time CEO as an attainable way to access advice and expertise without the financial burden of a full-time role.


Outsourcing a part-time CEO starts by identifying the current and future needs of your organisation. Does your leadership team need a financial expert? Could you benefit from a CEO with industry experience to fill the skills gap of other executives? Working with a special recruitment agency gives you access to expert advice, from salary expectations to understanding your recruitment options.


Outsource Your CEO With a Specialist Recruitment Agency

The best option for outsourcing your CEO is to work with a specialist recruitment agency. At Exec Capital, we work with companies across every industry to help them outsource CEOs and C-suite executives. We curate each step of the recruitment process to suit your needs, whether you’re headhunting a CEO or need a candidate shortlist.


Here are four reasons why your company could benefit from outsourcing your CEO:


  1. Cost and Time Effective

Internal recruitment is expensive and time-consuming, even if you don’t feel like you’re paying extra for it. Recruiting takes an average of 30 days. Consider the decrease in productivity and the knock-on cost to your company if a senior employee spent a month overseeing recruitment instead of focusing on their main work.

Recruitment requires manual labour, from candidate screening to conducting interviews. Outsourcing speeds up the process and is more cost-effective, allowing your employees to continue working as normal. The company leadership will still be involved in the recruitment process and updated throughout.

  1. Shortlisting Candidates

Choosing to outsource your CEO removes the administration work involved in recruitment. Even if you’re recruiting internally, you’ll have to shortlist candidates, conduct interviews, and narrow down a job specification.

Exec Capital has a talent pool of CEOs and senior C-suite executives available for immediate starts. We can provide a candidate shortlist to speed up your recruitment process and get a candidate in the post with a short turnaround.

  1. Agencies Are Industry Experts

The role of CEO is rapidly evolving. Specialist recruitment agencies are industry experts and are at the forefront of recruiting trends. At Exec Capital, we have our finger on the industry pulse. We offer our clients advice on the evolution of the CEO position, from the rise of remote working to the option of a part-time CEO.

  1. Agencies Offer Fast Results

Your company might find itself without a CEO at short notice. Whether your CEO has resigned, or you need a candidate as an interim CEO, outsourcing delivers fast results. Our talent pool of executives includes candidates available for immediate starts. We can provide a shortlist of high-quality candidates who can fill the position immediately.

Outsource a CEO with Exec Capital

Exec Capital is a full-service executive recruitment service with a 360-degree approach to recruitment. We offer a bespoke range of hiring solutions for outsourcing CEOs, including traditional recruitment, and headhunting services.

We take a 1-on-1 approach throughout every step of the recruitment process, providing a cost and time-efficient alternative to in-house recruitment. Our specialist recruitment team works with start-ups, scaling businesses, and companies at every stage of the development process.

Start the process of outsourcing a CEO today by contacting our team at 020 3287 2365 for a no-obligation consultation.