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Portfolio CEOs are senior executives who work for multiple companies at once. Many of them specialise within a niche or industry, working on a part-time basis for several companies. A portfolio CEO may oversee several companies funded by the same private equity firm or organisations with no direct link to each other.

We’re seeing a rise in demand for portfolio CEOs as executive roles become more flexible. Part-time and interim CEOs offer an affordable way for SMEs, start-ups, and scaling companies to access industry-leading talent without the financial burden of a full-time CEO role.

Portfolio CEOs are typically outsourced with the help of a specialist recruitment agency, like Exec Capital. Fractional executive recruitment is on the rise with a growing number of portfolio CEOs. These executives offer their expertise and experience on a part-time basis to multiple companies, usually those early in their development.

Are you a senior executive looking for more flexibility or to take the first steps in your CEO career? Contact our team today to explore opportunities as a portfolio CEO by joining our talent pool.

What is a Portfolio CEO?

Portfolio CEOs typically work on a part-time basis for several companies at the same time. These companies may all be involved with the same private equity firm, or they may be completely unconnected. As a part-time CEO, these portfolio executives work anywhere from a few hours a week to 3 or 4 days per week. They may work on a remote, hybrid, or in-house basis.

Although portfolio CEOs work on a part-time basis, they offer long-term leadership. A portfolio CEO is an ideal option for companies in their development and early growth stages as they likely don’t have the workload or the finances to facilitate a full-time position.

Companies may choose to recruit a portfolio CEO on an interim basis to oversee a specific project, such as a merger and acquisition, or as a temporary solution until a permanent appointment can be made. A portfolio CEO is an investment in a company at a time when it can benefit most from expert guidance and advice.

Portfolio CEOs are often referred to as ‘super temps’, working with multiple companies on a part-time basis. Some of these companies may only pay them a few days a week and some of these positions might be on an interim basis. Portfolio CEOs are the most adaptable in the industry, offering unique insights and having experience navigating the most common challenges within their niche.

A portfolio CEO will have a wider range of experience across multiple industries and company types than their full-time counterparts who only work with one company.

Hiring a fractional CEO is also a more affordable option for SMEs and start-ups as they won’t be paying a full salary or additional expenses, such as training and equipment.

A fractional CEO is often the first C-suite appointment made by start-ups and SMEs with portfolio CEOs being the ideal candidates. These executives have helped companies avoid common problems that arise during expansion. They have experience developing the strategies, structures, and guidelines to support further growth.

Why Start-Ups and SMEs Hire Portfolio CEOs

Start-ups and SMEs face the common problem of trying to decide when to hire new executives and talent. Portfolio CEOs allow them to recruit earlier by giving companies added flexibility. A company may decide to recruit a portfolio CEO for one day per week and increase their contract as the need arises.

Companies in the early stage of their development benefit from portfolio CEOs who bring with them the most diverse range of experience and expertise. Portfolio CEOs are used to working on tight deadlines, capable of hitting the ground running and delivering results early on. They can deliver the most value for start-ups and SMEs with smaller executive teams. Many of these companies will choose a portfolio CEO as their first C-suite appointment.

Part-time and portfolio CEOs provide ‘big brain’ talent to companies early on in their life cycle from experts who would usually be out of their financial capabilities. Recruiting a portfolio CEO can provide support for founders who want to delegate the day-to-day operations to an experienced executive.

Portfolio CEOs impact every aspect of the businesses they work in, picking up best practices and evolving their strategies. These multi-tasking CEOs have their fingers on the industry pulse, predicting trends and utilising the latest technology to maximise efficiency.

The Rise of Portfolio CEOs

At Exec Capital, we’re experiencing in rise in demand for fractional CEOs from companies across the board – from tech start-ups to mid-market hospitality brands. Portfolio CEOs come with a series of benefits from their experience, the scalability of the role, and the guidance they can offer first-time founders.

CEOs who work with multiple companies have vast experience from working with organisations at every stage of their development. They’ve faced the same challenges your company is likely to come across as it scales or restructures its systems.

Portfolio CEOs bring scalability to companies with a fresh perspective on strategy and finances. If your company wants to scale to the next level, invest in a part-time CEO. Many of these executives are established names in the industry who have relationships with financial institutions and organisations that can open doors for your company.

Appointing a portfolio CEO can be a practical decision for your company, establishing structure and leadership team to take your start-up to the next level. A part-time CEO will offer guidance to your company, using their industry insights and experience to promote better decision-making with a focus on data and performance tracking.

Recruit a Portfolio CEO with Exec Capital

Unlock your company’s potential today by recruiting a portfolio CEO with Exec Capital. We recruit on a part-time, full-time, and interim basis for companies across the UK, offering traditional recruitment and headhunting services.

We work with companies at every stage of their development to recruit for executive roles, including portfolio CEOs. Our team tailors each step of the recruitment process to meet the needs of your company, from shortlisting candidates to identifying your company’s skill gap.

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