Interim CEO Recruitment

Even companies with succession plans in place can find themselves suddenly without a CEO. Whether it’s an unexpected resignation, career change, or a leadership restructuring, there are dozens of reasons why a company may need to immediately fill the role of CEO with an interim appointment.

Interim CEOs oversee the business for a limited time, often assigned with a specific project in mind. An interim CEO may be tasked with driving company growth, entering new markets, or simply stabilising the ship after a sudden departure. Companies appoint interim CEOs as a strategic move in a transitional role until a permanent appointment can be made.

Exec Capital’s goal is to build leadership teams and partnerships that transform businesses and accelerate growth across all sectors, including recruiting interim CEOs for companies needing immediate starts. The team at Exec Capital are your personalised executive recruiters with access to industry-leading talent, including interim CEOs and senior executives.

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Meet Exec Capital

Exec Capital is a next-generation recruitment agency founded by entrepreneurs and senior executives who understand both sides of the recruitment process. We connect start-ups and businesses with senior C-suite and executive professionals with experience working with start-ups, scaling businesses, and public companies.

Our team strives to streamline the recruitment process with a 360-degree approach to hiring, offering both headhunting and traditional recruitment services.

Exec Capital offers interim CEO recruitment for companies in every industry, including technology, fintech, e-commerce, financial services, technology, and facility management. We’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading C-suite and executive recruitment agencies, hiring for a full portfolio of roles across multiple industries. Our talent pool includes interim CEOs available for an immediate start.

About us

Interim CEOs Available for Immediate Starts

Exec Capital is the UK’s leading recruitment agency for C-suite executives, including interim CEOs. Our talent pool includes senior executives across multiple industries and sectors, including CEOs available for immediate starts on an in-house, hybrid, or remote basis.

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What is an Interim CEO?

An interim CEO is appointed by the company’s board of directors to take on the role of CEO for a transitional period, usually to fill the shoes of an executive who has departed unexpectedly. This role is known as an ‘interim’ position as the executive is not hired on a full-time, permanent position. However, an interim CEO will assume all the roles and responsibilities of a permanent CEO.

Most interim CEOs are appointed for a specific period or on a rolling contract until a permanent CEO can be appointed. An interim CEO can work on either a full-time or a part-time basis, filling the same role as their predecessor. Most interim CEOs are appointed for a short time and hired within a quick time frame.

Companies may start the hiring process for a permanent CEO as soon as an interim appointment is made, allowing for a seamless transition when the right candidate has been identified.

Why You Should Outsource Your Interim CEO Recruitment

Most interim CEOs are hired at short notice with companies needing an immediate appointment. Whether it’s as a replacement or for a specific project, hiring an interim CEO can be a time-sensitive issue.

Recruiting in-house can be more expensive and takes several weeks to find the right candidate. Outsourcing your interim CEO recruitment to a specialist agency like Exec Capital can streamline the process.

1. More cost and time-effective

The recruitment process can be extremely time-consuming, particularly due to the administrative work involved. If your company has a small team, delegating the recruitment process to another executive may leave them with a heavier workload and unable to stay on top of day-to-day responsibilities.

A specialist recruitment agency, such as Exec Capital, offers a more cost and time-effective alternative to in-house recruitment. We’ll deal with all the administrative work involved, including organising candidate interviews and background screenings.

2. Candidate Shortlisting

Outsourcing your interim CEO recruitment allows you to utilise the candidate screening and shortlisting offered by specialist agencies. Your Exec Capital recruiter will provide you with a short list of the most suitable candidates and check their references, as well as conducting initial interviews.

Our team can provide a short list of candidates with professionals who are available for immediate starts. This shortlisting method speeds up the recruitment process, getting you an interim CEO in place to keep your company productive and forward-thinking.

3. Specialist Agencies Have Industry-Specific Knowledge

Exec Capital specialises in C-suite and executive recruitment, giving us a unique insight into the industry and the expectations of candidates. Your recruiter will provide information on the latest industry trends, salary expectations, and the best ways to recruit a suitable interim CEO for your organisation. We have an extensive network of candidates who specialise across industries and sectors.

4. Specialist Agencies are Experts in Temporary Appointments

Recruitment agencies are best placed to fill positions that require an immediate start. At Exec Capital, we have a database of potential candidates we can shortlist quickly for interim CEO positions. We can headhunt from within our talent pool of candidates and advertise externally.

We have the systems and structures in place to oversee each step of an expedited recruitment process to get an interim CEO in post as quickly as possible. Our team are specialists in navigating the challenges that come with interim recruitment.

Recruit an Interim CEO with Exec Capital

Exec Capital takes a hands-on approach to recruitment, tailoring each step to suit the company’s needs and expectations, including for interim positions. We’ll start by identifying your company’s skills gap and current needs, determining the ideal candidate for your interim CEO role.

We recruit and headhunt for executive and C-suite roles across every industry and sector on a full-time, part-time, or interim basis. Find out more about our interim CEO recruitment services by contacting our team at 0203 834 9616 for a no-obligation consultation.