Fractional C Suite

Fractional C-Suite Recruitment

The gig economy is thriving – and it’s not just freelancers who are feeling the benefits. The C-suite is the latest set of corporate positions experiencing an upheaval as professionals switch to more flexible working. The so-called fractional executives are part of a growing trend of part-time or interim professionals.

Fractional C-suite professionals are more accessible for start-ups and scaling companies, making their skills and expertise available for a fraction of the cost on a shorter contract. Many companies don’t need a full-time C-suite executive but can benefit greatly from their knowledge and experience a few hours or days a week.

The remote working revolution, turbo-charged by the pandemic, has led to many C-suite professionals transitioning to part-time work with a portfolio of clients. It provides companies with a larger talent pool of executives to choose from. We can tailor the recruitment process to identify a candidate with the exact skills and experience your company needs to progress. Fractional C-suite positions are a time and cost-effective alternative to a permanent, full-time position.

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C-Suite Recruitment

The term ‘C-Suite’ refers to the senior executives and management rank of a company. These positions typically include the top executives, whose job titles usually start with ‘Chief’, creating the group term of ‘C-suite’. Most companies will have a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Chief Information Officer (CIO). All of these positions can be structured as a fractional C-suite position.

Beyond this, companies can expand their C-suite team to fit their specific needs. Other common C-suite roles include:

  • Chief Analytics Officer (CAO)
  • Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
  • Chief Data Officer (CDO)
  • Chief Human Resources Manager (CHRM)
  • Chief Green Officer (CGO)
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO)

C-suite members collaborate on the company’s operations and strategy, ensuring that the overarching policies and goals are aligned with each other. They’ll also typically be the head of a department and report directly to the CEO while engaging with the board and stakeholders.

Why Fractional C-Suite Roles are On the Rise

Fractional CFO positions give executives flexibility, allowing them to be contracted to work either a few hours a week or multiple days a week. This flexible working can suit executives throughout different stages of their careers, whether they’re stepping up to a C-suite role for the first time or want to transition their careers.

Start-ups and scaling companies typically don’t have the finances or workload that require a full-time C-suite position. Instead, a fractional C-suite position allows companies to mould the role to meet their specific needs. Your company can recruit a fractional C-suite executive for a few hours a week and scale the role up as the need arises.

Recruiting a fractional C-suite executive gives a company access to industry-leading talent with expertise and experience that’s usually found at public or multinational companies. Hiring fractional executives allows companies to leverage their skills and experience to scale quickly and in a more sustainable way.

Most companies choose to recruit a fractional C-suite executive with a specific goal in mind, whether it’s overseeing fundraising efforts or launching a marketing strategy.

Hiring a fractional CFO adds value by being more cost-effective than a full-time position and gives the company a window to determine if the candidate is the right fit. Fractional CFOs will usually work for a portfolio of clients, often specialising in a niche or industry.

Exec Capital – UK’s Leading C-Suite Recruitment Agency

Exec Capital is a boutique executive recruitment agency based in London that operates throughout the UK and abroad. We connect start-ups and businesses with senior C-suite and executive professionals with experience working with start-ups, scaling businesses, and public companies. It’s our goal to streamline the hiring process with a 360-degree approach to recruitment.

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Why You Should Recruit a Fractional C-Suite Executive

Recruiting a fractional C-suite executive is a win-win for any company. These part-time positions are making industry-leading talent more accessible to companies that are still in the growth and development stage. The same companies that can benefit the most from the support and guidance of an experienced C-suite professional.

Here are two reasons why you should recruit a part-time C-suite executive:

  1. More Cost Effective with No Long-Term Commitment

Fractional C-suite executives add additional value to companies as a more cost-effective alternative to a full-time C-suite position. Most fractional C-suite leaders will have a probation period in their contract and it’s an ideal way to trial a candidate in the role before transitioning to a full-time position. Your company can recruit a fractional C-suite professional on an 8-hour-a-week contract or a multi-day contract.

Many companies simply don’t have the financial capability or the workload for a full-time position. A fractional C-suite executive fills the company’s current requirements and allows them to determine whether the candidate is a good fit for the company culture before potentially committing to a full-time position in the future.

  1. Fills a SaaS Company’s Skills Gap

Every company has a skills gap. These gaps can often be more obvious and problematic in smaller companies without an established leadership team. Recruiting a fractional C-suite executive can address this skills gap, particularly if they’re going to be managing a department with the opportunity to mentor junior colleagues. Hiring a fractional C-suite professional may be more affordable and efficient than outsourcing the work to a third party, such as an accounting firm.

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That’s why we offer fractional C-suite recruitment for start-ups and scaling companies building their leadership teams.

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