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A human resources (HR) director is the executive responsible for the company’s hiring, retention, and training strategy. They’ll develop policies and strategies around promoting employee retention and advise the board on recruitment decisions, including the impact other decisions may have on the company’s existing and future employees.

Your company will want to recruit a HR Director during growth stages, including prior to major recruitment drives and once your employee base expands. At Exec Capital, we work with start-ups, SMEs, and scaling businesses to recruit HR directors on a part-time, interim, remote, and full-time basis.

We’re a boutique recruitment agency based in the heart of London’s financial district with a network of senior executive professionals located throughout the UK and internationally. Start the process of hiring a HR director today by contacting our recruitment team at 02032872365 for a no-obligation consultation.

Responsibilities of a HR Director

A HR director is responsible for overseeing the company’s human resources, including hiring, training, and maintaining employees. Their day-to-day responsibilities will include:

  • Recruiting employees and overseeing the onboarding process.
  • Developing personnel systems that match the company’s mission and goals.
  • Implementing remuneration procedures.
  • Engaging with the board to keep them informed on employee-related policies. They may be asked to advise on the impact of potential company strategies on personnel.
  • Overseeing training and development programmes for employees.
  • Promoting better communication between employees and managers, including acting as a mediator during potential disputes. The HR Director will advise managers on how to implement departmental personnel policies.
  • Ensure that the company is compliant with employment law.
  • Oversee the company’s health and safety procedures.
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Why You Should Recruit a HR Director

Recruiting a HR Director allows CEOs and founders to off-load employee relations and recruitment to another senior executive. The HR Director is directly responsible for all human resource strategies and programs. It’s a crucial management position within expanding organising and they can help to set the company culture going forward.

The roles and responsibilities of a HR Director are universal across every sector and industry.

Oversee Planning and Growth of Company’s HR Department

The HR Director will oversee the company’s HR department and set policy throughout the organisation. They’re the most senior executive responsible for human resources and recruitment.

They’ll be responsible for planning, directing, and managing all human resource activities – including employee relations, recruitment, training, and organising benefits and compensation. Other day-to-day responsibilities include overseeing business planning, HR budget development, and staff operations.

Recruiting a HR Director helps your company establish a wider human resource strategy with organisational goals while ensuring they meet regulatory compliances. Their strategy focus will include talent acquisition, training and development, government compliance, and employee retention.

A HR Director will complete extensive reporting, using metrics and KPIs to track performance company-wide.

Develop Company-Wide Strategies

HR Directors collaborate with management and departmental leadership throughout every company. They’re influential in developing the company’s culture and advising management in other departments. They develop company-wide strategies and update policies and guidelines accordingly, either annually or every quarter.

As a senior executive, the HR Director will provide advice with insights into human resources to feed into the company’s growth strategy.

Supervise Departmental Managers

Most companies that have a HR Director will also have several managers throughout each department. They’ll report directly to the HR Director on employee issues. Employees who are new to managerial roles will receive mentorship and guidance from the HR Director.

They’ll advise managers – and the wider company – on relevant human resource policy and legislation. The HR Director will also deal with any day-to-day problems, including payroll and employee relationships.

Recruiting a HR Director also puts a senior executive in charge of planning and delivering employee training programs. They’ll collaborate with departmental heads to develop tailored training programs, facilitate performance management, and take on board employee feedback.

Challenges Facing Today’s HR Directors

HR Directors are at the forefront of the changing recruitment industry, facing fresh challenges since the pandemic in 2020. These challenges are why start-ups and SMEs are increasingly choosing to recruit part-time HR directors to lead on these issues.

1. Improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Research by Gartner suggests that 35% of HR executives have identified diversity, equity, and inclusion as their priorities. We’re seeing a rise in DEI-related policies across every industry as companies strive to become more inclusive.

2. Delivering Positive Employee Experiences

Employees and prospective candidates are looking for more than just a competitive salary when deciding their next career move. Company culture is vital and becoming a stronger determining factor for employees at every level. HR Directors should strive to nurture a healthy working environment with a focus on communication and career progression.

3. Delivering on Training and Development

The evolving needs of a company and its employees can often put a HR Director on the back foot with training programs and development. This challenge is even greater for companies in sectors that experience continued evolution and development, including tech and computer science. A new HR Director may find themselves needing to entirely revamp or introduce a training programme.

4. Embracing Remote Working

Remote work is a revolution that isn’t slowing down. HR directors are expected to evolve company policy and strategy to account for this. Companies may choose to go fully remote or adopt hybrid working as an alternative solution. The HR Director will be responsible for overseeing a remote work strategy and setting up the relevant systems and processes.

Exec Capital – HR Director Recruitment Experts

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