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Recruiting a CEO comes with a unique set of challenges. The evolving role of CEO means that recruitment agencies and companies are looking for different sorts of candidates. A revolving door of CEOs can leave a company without direction or a clear strategy – making it vital to find the right candidate, whether it’s on a full-time or part-time basis.

CEO recruitment calls for the involvement of more stakeholders, including other C-suite leaders and board members, than other forms of executive recruitment. Setting out the specific qualities your company is seeking and clearly defining the role can streamline the recruitment process. Candidates are coming from a diverse range of backgrounds than ever before, offering fresh perspectives for companies at every stage of their development.

Exec Capital is one of the UK’s leading specialist executive search agencies. We offer 360-degree recruitment with headhunting and traditional recruitment for C-suite positions, including CEO. Start the process of recruiting a full-time, part-time, or interim CEO by contacting our team today at 020 3287 2365 for a no-obligation consultation.

The Future of CEO Recruitment

CEO recruitment is experiencing a great reshuffling in the post-pandemic world. We’re seeing voluntary turnover at an all-time peak, a trend that has appeared across every level within industries from entry-level roles to C-suite positions. The focus has shifted from experience to talent with a heightened emphasis on soft skills and adaptability as the role evolves to be more purpose-driven.

Candidates from non-traditional backgrounds – including marketing and technology – are stepping into the CEO role by offering a new approach. Executives are increasingly switching across sectors and industries.

The role of CEO is no longer a copy-and-paste position that is consistent across every industry. It’s vital for companies to implement a job description early on in the recruitment process to determine what they need from a successful CEO.

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What Makes CEO Recruitment Challenging

Companies face several challenges when recruiting CEOs. The reality of CEO recruitment is that very few board members have been involved in senior recruitment, making your choice of recruitment agency even more vital.

Defining the roles and responsibilities of the CEO can be challenging for companies recruiting for the position for the first time. However, having a job description and candidate type in mind makes it easier to short list and determine what to look for. Company-specific goals and requirements, such as filling a C-suite skills gap, will make it easier to decide what characteristics the ideal CEO needs.

CEOs are unlikely to work for two similar companies back-to-back, making it challenging to find a candidate with previous industry experience at a similar size company. Board members and companies must be prepared to compromise and accept the imperfect nature of candidates who can be moulded to suit the role and company over time.


Why You Should Recruit a Part-Time CEO?

CEOs are becoming more accessible than ever for SMEs and scaling companies through fractional and part-time roles. These positions are ideal for mid-market companies who don’t have the workload or financial capacity to recruit a full-time CEO.

A part-time CEO can bring a wealth of experience to your company, filling a skills gap or offering guidance on a specific problem or growing pain. Starting the position as a part-time role allows for scalability with the option to transition it to a full-time position when the need arises.

Recruiting a part-time CEO will build trust and respect with financial institutions and industry parties, boosting your company’s profile within your sector. Many part-time CEOs have a reputation and proven track record that gives a positive image with a network of contacts for your company to utilise.

There’s no ‘right’ time to recruit a part-time CEO but making the appointment can free up a founder’s workload and enable them to focus on the bigger picture. Your company will want to establish a clear organisational structure and where the CEO will fit into the workflow and decision-making process.

Why Companies Outsource CEO Recruitment

Outsourcing your CEO recruitment streamlines the process. At Exec Capital, we take a hands-on approach to recruitment, identifying the individual needs of your business to locate a candidate with the talent and experience to deliver on your long-term strategy.

1. Cost and Time Effective

Recruiting internally can be expensive and time-consuming, particularly for SMEs, with the average internal recruitment time taking 30 days. Working with a specialist recruitment agency is a more cost and time-effective option. Our recruiters can provide a shortlist of potential candidates with a quick turnaround, including candidates available for an immediate start.

2. Specialist Agencies Have Industry-Specific Knowledge

Exec Capital is the leading provider of specialist CEO recruitment in the UK. Our talent pool includes C-suite executives and CEOs with experience working across various sectors and portfolios ranging from focusing on IPO-readiness to overseeing mergers and acquisitions.

3. Shortlisting Candidates

Recruiting is an administration-heavy task with candidate screening and shortlisting making the process more time-consuming. Working with a recruitment agency removes outsources these tasks and enables your company leadership to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities. Our team can shortlist candidates within 24 hours for time-sensitive positions.

4. Filling Temporary Positions

Are you recruiting a CEO on a temporary basis, either part-time or to cover sickness or career leave? Many of our candidates are available to start within a few days of notice. Outsourcing the temporary recruitment process is quicker than advertising traditionally and ensures that you’ll get a shortlist of high-quality candidates who can slot into the role.

Start Your CEO Recruitment Today

Exec Capital specialises in connecting companies with C-suite leaders and senior professionals to unlock your business’ potential. We recruit for the full C-suite, including CEOs, with an internal team of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and senior executives who understand both sides of the recruitment process.

Our C-suite recruitment team will tailor every step of the process to identify and meet your company’s CEO needs. Exec Capital recruits for the full suite of senior management roles, including full-time, part-time, and interim CEOs. Find out more about our specialise CEO recruitment by calling us on 020 3287 2365 to start the recruitment process today.