Our Podcasts covers topics of interest to CEOs and C-Suite Executives alike.


Exec Capital works closely with our clients to identify their needs, creating a close working relationship between businesses and our team of talented CEOs. Our recruitment service allows you to find the perfect candidate on either a part-time, interim or full time basis.

We curate a list of candidates that are hand selected for your company with the skills and experience you need to scale your business.

We have been podcasting for nearly two years now, and you can find our content on some of the most popular podcast platforms, to find out more  see our Podcast page for information and links to some of our more popular podcast episodes.   We now feature on the popular AudioBoom Platform.

See also our free online events that closely follow our Podcast topics.

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Our podcasts include Fintech, Financial Reporting, matters of ethics, corporate governance, Mergers and Acquistions, Financial Strategy and planning and how technology impacts on financial operations. We are always open to ideas and suggestions for new topics of interest to CEOs and C-Suite Executives, so feel free to contribute suggestions via our contact us page. If you are a business looking to hire your next CEO or MD make sure to reach out to our team of recruitment professionals. If you are a candidate then reach out to join our team today.