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Fractional CEO’ is a relatively new term in the world of recruitment. The growth in demand for part-time CEOs has been turbo-charged by the gig economy, demands for flexible working, and start-ups and mid-market companies exploring accessible ways to work with industry-leading talent. It’s a common misconception that a CEO has to work on a full-time basis.

Fractional CEOs are a win-win for companies still in their development stage, especially if a founder wants to take a more hands-off approach to the company’s day-to-day running. These part-time CEOs come without any long-term commitment and offer founders a chance to develop their relationship with the CEO before making a permanent appointment.

Many fractional CEOs specialise in working with companies at specific stages of their life cycle, from product development to fundraising or overseeing a merger or acquisition. At Exec Capital, we’re making industry-leading experts more accessible for companies during their growth and development stages.

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Recruit a Fractional CEO with Exec Capital

Exec Capital is one of the UK’s leading specialist executive recruitment agencies with a specialist fractional CEO search service. We offer 360-degree recruitment with headhunting and traditional recruitment for C-suite positions, including part-time and interim positions.

Our fractional CEOs work with a portfolio of clients, many of them choosing to specialise in specific industries or with a skills focus. Fractional CEOs provide a cost-effective way for companies across the UK to recruit a top-level executive to develop their short and long-term strategies.

What is a Fractional CEO?

Fractional CEOs offer a form of interim leadership for companies that have a skills gap or need specialist support. These C-level executives are hired for their expertise and knowledge within a specific industry or skill set.

Most companies recruit a fractional CEO with a specific goal in mind, wanting to hand over this task to a dedicated C-suite executive. These industry-leading executives often work with several companies at once, giving them a unique set of skills and a wider range of experience and knowledge than traditional C-suite leaders.

Fractional CEOs are also known as ‘super temps’ and offer companies the same benefits as a full-time CEO but at a more affordable rate. These executives operate more like consultants than traditional employees, acting as fractional C-suite executives. Most of them are paid on an hourly rate or a fee-for-service basis.

A company may decide to recruit a fractional CEO to help with the company’s management growth, offering mentorship to senior employees as they find their feet within the industry. Part-time CEOs can help the company’s existing leadership team expand their expertise and knowledge.

A fractional CEO will usually be tasked with developing a new strategic approach to the company, setting guidelines and a strategy in place to achieve its long-term goals and objectives. They’ll engage with key stakeholders, including the company board and potential investors. A part-time CEO will help the company determine its vision for the future, align its strategy, and determine a plan for its implementation.

These part-time executives are tasked with overseeing the company’s whole strategy. A fractional CEO is used to working in a high-pressure environment, offering a quick turnaround for companies in need of restructuring or a new strategic focus. The first task for a part-time CEO is to ensure that the company’s operations are aligned with its short and long-term strategies.

The Rise of Fractional CEOs

At Exec Capital, we’ve seen a sharp increase in the number of companies recruiting for executive roles on a fractional and part-time basis. This trend is evident throughout industry sectors and across multiple company types. Fractional CEO opportunities provide flexibility for start-ups and SMEs, offering them access to industry-leading talent and expertise to grow their organisation.

Companies can adapt the role of a fractional CEO to suit the current needs of their business. This flexibility also presents the potential for scalability, allowing companies to transition the role of fractional CEO to a more permanent position as the company expands and is more financially viable.

Recruiting a fractional CEO is an ideal option for companies with a skills shortage or who are navigating an unexpected company exit or retirement.

Why Companies are Hiring Part-Time CEOs

CEOs are becoming more accessible for SMEs and scaling companies through fractional and part-time roles. These positions are ideal for SMEs and mid-market companies who don’t have the workload or financial capacity to recruit a full-time CEO. A fractional CEO is a win-win for the companies most in need of a guiding hand.

These executives will provide a wealth of experience, filling a skills gap and offering guidance on a specific problem or growing pain. Hiring a part-time CEO will build trust with financial institutions and industry parties, boosting your company’s profile within your sector. Many of these executives have a reputation and proven track record with a network of contacts that your company can utilise.

There’s no ‘right’ time to recruit a fractional CEO. Most companies choose to start the recruitment process when want to free up the founder’s workload or when a specific skills gap starts to hold the company’s development back.

Challenges of Recruiting a Fractional CEO

Recruiting a fractional CEO comes with its challenges. A revolving door of part-time CEOs can leave your company without direction or a clear strategy. Your company should aim to find the right candidate the first time.

Very few company founders or board members will have been involved in senior recruitment, leading most companies to outsource their CEO recruitment to specialist agencies like Exec Capital.  

Defining the roles and responsibilities of a fractional CEO can be challenging for companies. Having a job description and candidate type in mind streamlines the recruitment process and makes it easier to find the right executive for your organisation.

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