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Exec Capital is a boutique executive recruitment agency based in London that operates throughout the UK and abroad. We connect start-ups and businesses with senior C-suite and executive professionals with experience working with start-ups, scaling businesses, and public companies. It’s our goal to streamline the recruitment process with a 360-degree approach to recruitment.

We offer specialist executive recruitment for executives in fields, including technology, fintech, e-commerce, financial services, technology, and facility management. What sets Exec Capital apart is our team of industry-leading recruiters with entrepreneurial and executive backgrounds, offering a unique insight into the recruitment process.

We provide both executive search and headhunting services to suit the needs of companies at every stage of their development cycle. Exec Capital is one of the UK’s leading C-suite and executive recruitment agencies, hiring for a full portfolio of roles across multiple industries.

Our talent pool of available to work on a part-time, full-time, and interim basis with candidate shortlisting for immediate starts. We understand first-hand the crucial nature of building the right leadership team, from your CFO to CMO and Sales Director. Exec Capital tailors each step of the recruitment process to identify the candidate who will suit your company’s culture and unlock its potential.

Our goal is to build leadership teams and partnerships that transform businesses and accelerate growth across all sectors. Exec Capital are your personalised executive recruiters with access to industry-leading talent.

Explore your executive recruitment options by calling us on 020 3287 2365 for a no-obligation consultation.

Who We Are

Exec Capital was founded by industry experts with decades of experience in overseeing executive recruitment. Our team has the finger on the recruitment industry’s pulse, understanding the changing expectations of companies and candidates alike – from salary expectations to remote working and the rise in part-time executive roles.

Many of our leadership team are entrepreneurs and executives with experience working with companies throughout every stage of their development. It offers Exec Capital a unique insight into talent acquisition with a focus on identifying the specific needs of the company when recruiting for a C-suite role.

Our diverse recruitment team can curate the hiring process, whether you’re headhunting a new CEO or want to expand your leadership team with senior financial executives.

The Exec Capital team is ever-expanding with recruiters from evolving industries and niches that can offer a tailored recruitment process or headhunting service.

You can join the Exec Capital talent pool today by contacting our recruitment team through our online form.

About us

Our Executive Recruitment Services

Exec Capital is a full-service executive recruitment service, offering a bespoke range of hiring solutions that can be adapted to suit the needs of companies of every size. We take a 1-to-1 approach with every step of the recruitment process, providing a cost and time-efficient alternative to in-house recruitment.

Executive Search

Our executive search service is industry-leading with curated recruitment connecting companies throughout the UK with candidates for executive and C-suite level roles. You’ll get access to top candidates by outsourcing your recruitment to our executive search team. We start the recruitment process by identifying specifically what your company needs, including your skills gap, company culture, and how to attract the right talent.

Succession Planning

Prepare your company for the future with our succession planning services. Recruiting a C-suite executive early in succession planning can ensure a frictionless leadership transition and continuity for companies of every size.

C-Suite Headhunting

We offer a full 360-degree approach to C-suite recruitment with both executive search and headhunting services. You’ll get access to both passive candidates and high-quality candidates who aren’t exposed to traditional recruitment methods. Our executive headhunter services guarantee your company will fill your position with a suitable candidate. It’s one of the most time and cost-effective ways to recruit for any C-suite level position.

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Why You Should Work with Exec Capital

Exec Capital is a full-service recruitment agency that specialises in C-suite and executive recruiting for companies across every industry sector. We strive to offer a hands-on approach to recruitment that identifies the specific needs of every client, from addressing skills gaps to implementing succession planning.


Exec Capital specialises in part-time, interim, and fractional recruitment for executive and C-suite roles. Recruiting your executive on a part-time basis can address your company’s skills gaps in a more affordable way. Part-time executives can be recruited on a project-by-project basis or in a long-term position. We specialise in part-time and interim recruitment to make industry-leading talent more accessible to companies at the early stages of their development.

Industry-Specific Knowledge

Our recruiters have experience working across a diverse range of fields, offering industry-specific knowledge to the most popular executive recruitment fields. Your recruitment process will be handled by the most qualified member of our team with a background and candidate network in that field.


Recruiting for a C-suite or executive position is a sensitive time for your company. Confidentiality is one of our top priorities throughout each step of the recruitment process. We have a discreet service that ensures your information remains secure and protected from data breaches. Our headhunting services are ideal for companies looking for a more discreet form of recruitment.

International Talent Pool

Exec Capital is based in London with a global reach, working with clients throughout the UK and abroad to recruit for in-house, hybrid, and remote working opportunities.

The Future of Executive Recruitment

Keep up to date with the latest developments in executive recruitment and the future of the industry by exploring our range of blog posts and educational articles. We regularly update our website with industry insights, recruitment advice for companies, and how candidates can level up their careers.

Exec Capital is a leading C-suite and executive recruitment agency based in the UK. Our services include acting as a facilitator in connecting clients with high-quality candidates across multiple industries to fill C-suite and executive positions.