CEO Executive Search

CEO recruitment is undergoing a major upheaval, reflecting the evolution of the C-suite role in the age of remote working, and increasing career changes amongst executives. Voluntary turnover of CEOs is at an all-time high, repeating the trend we’re seeing across C-suite positions. Our CEO executive search team are at the forefront of this industry evolution, adapting our recruitment strategies to address the focus on adaptability and soft skills.

Today, the role of CEO is no longer a copy-and-paste position with the same responsibilities in every organisation. Our CEO executive search services address the need to tailor the role of CEO to meet your company’s needs. Your dedicated executive search recruiter will help you tailor the CEO job description accordingly to headhunt the most suitable candidate for the role.

Exec Capital works to help our clients build leadership teams and partnerships that accelerate growth and unlock company potential. We’re executive recruiters with access to industry-leading talent and a talent pool with experience working across sectors in CEO and other C-suite positions.

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Meet Exec Capital

Exec Capital is a full-service recruitment agency that specialises in C-suite and executive recruiting for companies across every industry sector. We strive to offer a hands-on approach to recruitment with our CEO executive search service. Exec Capital was founded by industry experts with decades of experience in CEO recruitment and headhunting.

Our team are at the forefront of the CEO evolution, understanding the changing expectations of companies and candidates alike – from salary expectations to flexible working. CEO executive search pinpoints the exact candidate profile your company needs with a streamlined recruitment process.

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About us

CEO Executive Search

CEO executive search is specialist recruitment that involves the agency overseeing every step of the hiring process, from market research to engaging with candidates, creating a shortlist, and managing the interview process. Your company remains actively involved throughout each step of the process without the administrative workload involved in C-suite recruitment.

The purpose of executive search is to find the perfect match between the candidate and company. Executive search provides your company access to candidates who are not exposed to traditional recruitment, giving you a wider talent pool to recruit from. We develop long-term partnerships with companies, becoming an extension of their in-house team by understanding exactly what they need from the ideal candidate.

We’ll contact potential candidates directly, building relationships and providing a hands-on approach to each step of the recruitment process.

How CEO Executive Search Works

Your specialist recruiter will handle each step of the CEO executive search process. We’ll start by getting to understand exactly what you need from your ideal CEO. This starts by creating a candidate profile and job description that accounts for the roles and responsibilities of your CEO, including the key goals and challenges they’ll face in the role.

Our CEO executive search team will research and identify potential candidates, including approaching passive candidates who may not be actively seeking new opportunities. We’ll determine the skills, abilities, and knowledge of potential candidates to determine if they’re right for the role before creating a shortlist.

Your executive search recruiter will conduct screening interviews and background checks before presenting the candidate shortlist to your company for review. Choosing a CEO executive search service means that you can outsource every aspect of the recruitment process, including reference checks and contract negotiations. Our team will ensure a smooth transition once your candidate has been selected to ensure a successful appointment.

Why CEO Recruitment Can Be Challenging

An executive search is an ideal option for CEO recruitment, as hiring a CEO comes with its own set of challenges. There’s heightened pressure to recruit the right candidate the first time around as a revolving door of CEOs can negatively impact the company’s growth and strategy.

Outsourcing CEO recruitment is the best option for most start-ups and scaling companies. While CEO recruitment calls for the involvement of more stakeholders than junior hiring, most of these individuals will not have experience recruiting at a C-suite level.

Establishing a job description and candidate profile are vital ways of streamlining the recruitment process. CEO candidates are increasingly coming from a more diverse range of backgrounds with a growing number of candidates emerging from non-financial sectors, providing a fresh perspective for companies.

Why You Should Work with a CEO Executive Search Agency

Internal recruitment can be expensive and time-consuming, particularly for SMEs and scaling companies. The average internal recruitment process takes 30 days, during which time your employees become less productive due to the increased workload of managing the hiring process. Working with an executive search agency like Exec Capital is a more cost and time-effective option. Our recruiters can work with a quick turnaround, including providing a shortlist of candidates available for an immediate start.

Exec Capital is the leading CEO executive search agency in the UK. Our talent pool includes C-suite executives and CEOs with experience working across various sectors and with expertise in areas like IPO readiness, fundraising, and mergers and acquisitions.

Working with an executive search agency outsources the time-consuming administrative work involved in the recruitment process. Your company’s leadership team can focus on their day-to-day responsibilities and work, while still being actively involved in the hiring process. Our team can shortlist candidates within a limited period for time-sensitive positions.

CEO executive search agencies offer sustainable leadership for your company by identifying candidates who will fit into your company culture and align with your long-term goals. Our recruiters bring more diversity to the hiring process, expanding the talent pool to include candidates of less traditional backgrounds who bring a fresh approach to the CEO role.