Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO Recruitment

The role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has evolved drastically in recent years as technology and consumer behaviour evolve. The position has gone beyond purely a creative role with CMOs becoming increasingly visible within their organisations, providing another potential leadership candidate for succession planning.

Although CMOs often position themselves as strategic leaders within companies, many find themselves navigating legacy tasks, including campaign management and inherited brand identity.

Exec Capital is one of the UK’s leading specialist executive search agencies. We offer 360-degree recruitment with headhunting and traditional recruitment for C-suite positions, including Chief Marketing Officers. Our team offers a hands-on approach to fractional CMO recruitment designed to deliver the ideal candidate.

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The Role of CMO

The role of CMO has gone through a major transformation in the last decade. Their role has expanded beyond being a creative position with CMOs now having responsibility for almost every element of the customer experience. They utilise technology to engage with customer data and analytics, feeding this back to production and sales

Every company treats the role of CMO a little differently, making their specific roles and responsibilities difficult to nail down. A fractional CMO may find themselves doing more of the day-to-day marketing strategy than a full-time CMO with a team working under them.

All CMOs have two key objectives to achieve – oversee the company’s marketing activities and drive revenue by enhancing the customer experience.

  1. Driving Revenue

CMOs are a driving force behind revenue generation by increasing sales through their marketing campaigns. CMOs will typically engage directly with the CEO and form part of the executive-level leadership team. They’ll interact with other departments to create company-wide strategies and goals to report back customer feedback gathered through marketing campaigns to implement them elsewhere.


A CMO will develop a marketing strategy that utilises a range of marketing functions, including traditional print media and social media, to boost product sales and growth.

  1. Leading Marketing Activities

The CMO is responsible for managing and overseeing the company’s marketing activities, either directly or by overseeing a marketing team. These marketing executives will lead the company’s brand management, which calls for them to engage in other aspects of the business, including sales, distribution management, product development, and customer service. CMOs need strong interpersonal and communication skills as they’ll be involved in projects ranging from market research to project management, advertising, and public relations.

Exec Capital | Leading CMO Recruiter

At Exec Capital, we’re experts in executive recruitment throughout the UK, specialising in making C-suite roles more accessible for start-ups and scaling companies with interim and fractional positions. We offer a 360-degree approach to recruitment with traditional executive search and headhunting services for CMO recruiting.

Our leadership team consists of entrepreneurs and C-suite professionals who understand both sides of the recruitment process. We streamline each step of the hiring process to find your company the right fractional CMO for your company’s needs.

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Why You Should Recruit a Fractional CMO

The role of CMO is changing at a rapid pace, making a fractional position for start-ups and scaling companies. You’ll get to adapt the role in real-time to suit the needs of your business without the financial burden of a full-time C-suite position. Research shows that the median tenure of a CMO is just over 3 years, the lowest of any C-suite role. A fractional position enables your company to trial a candidate and determine if they’re the right fit before investing in them long-term.

Companies are actively choosing to recruit part-time CMOs bringing a new approach to marketing strategies and customer relations. Your company can recruit a fractional CMO on a retainer or project-by-project basis, giving this C-suite role scalability and flexibility without a long-term commitment.

Having a CMO on board is crucial to developing your company’s brand identity and marketing strategy, especially if your founder or early partners lack marketing experience. A fractional CMO is a cost-effective way to invest in your company’s marketing development and brand growth.

What to Look for in a CMO

A Chief Marketing Officer is a C-suite position that involves wearing different hats. While they’re creative executives, they’ll also be expected to crunch the data and numbers to understand customer behaviour and advise on product development strategy. Although the role of CMO can be adapted to suit the current needs of your company, there are a few things you should look for in the ideal candidate.

  1. Growth Driven

A CMO’s primary role is to be a growth driver within the company. They need to be able to make strategic decision and understand the unpredictable nature of digital and social media as technology and trends evolve.

  1. Marketing Expert

While a CMO will usually not be the one doing the social media posting or writing press releases, they need to be an all-around marketing expert. They’ll have overall responsibility for everything that happens within the marketing department. The ideal candidate should be able to knowledgeable in multiple areas of marketing and familiar with the various tools and technology available.

  1. Consumer Focused

A CMO acts as a bridge between the company and its consumers. They play a vital role in setting the customer experience and should create a sense of brand loyalty between the consumer and the company. A CMO candidate should be able to showcase a consumer-focused mindset with company-wide collaboration.

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