Sales Director Recruitment

A Sales Director oversees and manages a company’s sales operations, including day-to-day and developing long-term strategies. They work in partnership with the leadership team to develop strategies and implement plans for growing revenue and developing relationships with customers.

Data-focused sales directors will work closely with the finance and marketing teams to create a holistic approach to operations. A Sales Director is often one of the first appointments a start-up or SME will make once it starts to expand and build its leadership team.

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Responsibilities of a Sales Director

A Sales Director will work closely with the company’s senior executives and leadership team. The Sales Manager will report directly to them and collaborate on sales targets and wider strategies.

The responsibilities of a Sales Director include:

  • Developing a strategic plan to achieve quarterly and annual sales targets.
  • Implementing plans to expand customer base.
  • Maintaining relationships with existing customers and service users.
  • Understand the needs and wants of customers.
  • Identifying opportunities for value creation.
  • Staying on top of industry trends.
  • Reporting on budgeting and strategic direction to the board.
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Managing Director vs. CEO

Leadership skills
Leadership skills

Your Sales Director needs to be able to motivate their team and coordinate operations to create a holistic approach to achieving short and long-term goals.

Business development
Business development

A skilled Sales Director will start by examining and assessing the company’s current sales performance and identifying areas for improvement. Most sales directors will set new goals every quarter, using metrics, KPIs, and data to monitor results in real time. They’ll work with the finance department to continuously evaluate the company’s sales performance.

Analytical skills
Analytical skills

You need a Sales Director who is comfortable working with data and information to assess performance and identify potential problems. Their day-to-day responsibilities will include monitoring sales performance and developing in-depth sales strategies.

Interpersonal Skills
Interpersonal Skills

Sales directors will also contribute to setting the company culture. It’s vital that they have strong interpersonal and communication skills, producing a holistic approach with common objectives. They should be comfortable providing constructive feedback and working collaboratively with other departments, including finance and marketing.

Time Management

Your Sales Director should be comfortable working under time pressure, as most will need to accept multitasking as second nature. They’ll need to be able to delegate tasks and prioritise work on a daily and weekly basis.

Problem solving

A Sales Director should come to the role with hands-on experience and expertise to navigate common issues and oversee problem-solving. They’re expected to react quickly to industry changes and circumstances.

What a Sales Director Can Bring to Your Company

There’s no specific time that you should recruit a Sales Director. Most companies choose to start recruiting as their sales expand and they start to explore more product development and enter new markets.

You may decide to recruit a Sales Director to delegate most of the day-to-day sales management to allow the CEO to focus on the wider picture. These are aspects that a Sales Director can bring to your company and are reasons to start recruiting.

1. Sales strategy execution

Sales success isn’t just a numbers game. A Sales Director will step up to oversee the company’s strategy, including taking new products to market and expanding into new regions. They’ll work with other senior executives to determine what the sales strategy should look like.

2. Leveraging data to boost sales

Data is crucial in the world of sales. Today’s sales directors are data-driven and must choose the right metrics to correctly assess the company’s success and sales. Hiring a Sales Director is crucial to the digital transformation of your company.

3. Improving sales capacity

As your company grows, it needs to build its sales capabilities to meet demand. As you invest in product enhancement and improvements to services, the sales team need to be ready to put the systems in place to sell these additional units. A Sales Director will invest in their team to create a cohesive approach to engaging with potential customers and improving sales capacity.

4. Product development

Sales directors are actively involved in the product development process by feedbacking data and information gathered from customers. They’ll make recommendations on how products and services can be adapted to meet the needs of customers and attract new audiences.

5. Entering new markets

A Sales Director is crucial in assisting companies with entering new markets. They’ll be at the forefront of researching and evaluating potential markets, making recommendations on how to boost profitability and engage new demographics. Most sales directors will be customer-centric, helping the company to view potential changes from the customer’s point of view. A Sales Director will be involved in setting the company’s pricing strategy.

Recruit a Sales Director with Exec Capital

Exec Capital is a full-service executive recruitment service with a 360-degree approach to recruitment. We specialise in recruiting senior executives, including Sales Director. Our team offers a bespoke range of hiring solutions, adapting our approach to suit the specific needs of your organisation. We work with SMEs, start-ups, and scaling businesses to recruit sales directors on a part-time, interim, and full-time basis.

The Exec Capital team is based in London with an international presence, working with clients and candidates globally. We take a 1-on-1 approach throughout every step of the recruitment process, providing a cost and time-efficient alternative to in-house recruitment.

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